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Just try not to watch the sticky horror that is a James Paxton fan getting covered in maple syrup

Thanks to his Canadian heritage and tall, lanky frame, James Paxton's nickname is Big Maple. That -- and his penchant for getting attacked by bald eagles -- has led to an entire cottage industry coalescing around Paxton, complete with his own cheering section

With the Mariners facing the Twins on Saturday night (Paxton was not starting -- rather it was Wade LeBlanc), one fan was given Big Maple trivia. Answer correctly: Get a prize. Answer incorrectly: Get covered in maple syrup. 

So, even though this fan did get every answer right, he chose to get the syrup treatment. Go big or go home, I guess. 


Yikes. That's a little too close to the end of "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark," for my taste. Though, I guess to some, baseball trivia is the kind of thing that belongs in a museum.