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Who would win in a race from the bullpen: Jared Hughes or the D-backs' bullpen cart?

There is a famous American folk story about a man named John Henry. (No, not the Red Sox owner.) He was renowned as the strongest worker in the country, who could pound steel for hours. That is, he was renowned that way until the invention of the steam hammer, which everyone said would be more efficient.
Determined to prove that he was better than the machine, Henry raced against the steam hammer to see who was the better worker. It's a tragic tale, as Henry beat the machine, but died from exhaustion. What does this have to do with baseball? Well, Jared Hughes of the Reds has done John Henry one better: He beat the machine and lived.
During the Reds' 7-4 win on Wednesday at Chase Field, Hughes eschewed the D-backs' bullpen cart and raced in from the bullpen, as he always does. The Reds' broadcast crew then compared his run to teammate Michael Lorenzen using the cart on Tuesday:

The victory went to Hughes, who not only survived but also pitched two-thirds of an inning without allowing a run.
On the topic of potentially using the bullpen cart, Hughes had previously said, "No. I can't do it. That's never me."
Hughes' teammates had wondered who would win in a race, and now they have their answer.

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