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After scoring the winning run of the World Series, Jarrod Dyson now has a street named after him

When Jarrod Dyson stole second in World Series Game 5 -- putting himself in scoring position, and eventually coming home to score the go-ahead run that gave the Royals the championship -- he reached, according to Statcast™, a top speed of 21.5 mph

You know, 21.5 mph would be a pretty good speed limit for the newly-renamed Dyson Dr. in McComb, Miss.

Yes, Dyson's hometown named a street after him. "Warren St." had a good run, but it's not every day you have the opportunity to name a street after a World Series champion, let alone the man who scored the winning run. And this isn't even the first time the 2015 Royals inspired a name change.

"I hope to see many other kids do what I did," Dyson said. Which means at some point in the future, there may not be a street in McComb that isn't named after a World Series champion.

h/t Eye on Baseball