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After being stung 'more than 10 times' by swarm of bees, Jason Heyward belts home run

For years, bees have been a frightening nuisance at Spring Training games. In hopes of capturing that frightening nature, we've copied and pasted the below (very exaggerated) GIF into our posts over and over and over again:

Never has a game/player suffered as much as Nicolas Cage did that fateful day. That is, until Sunday's Mariners-Cubs game.
With just one out left in the top of the third inning, a swarm of bees descended upon Sloan Park, more specifically, upon Jason Heyward. The center fielder attempted to hop the fence to get away.

And was forced into what looked like a maddening game of charades:

Fans hid under blankets and the game was delayed for five minutes until the bees left the field.

Heyward, unfortunately, did not have a blanket:

So, what did he do? Did he scream and yell like Nic Cage? Did he call his mom crying? Did he ask to come out of the game? 
No, he came up to bat in the bottom of the third inning, and on the second pitch he saw, he did this:

The best possible response if you ask us.