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Please enjoy (or fear) Jason Kipnis showing off his flamethrower

The dawn of a new year is always an excellent time to play with the presents that you might have received over the holidays, whether it's a fun gadget or even just a jigsaw puzzle. The options are limitless!
Well, if you're Jason Kipnis, there's a chance that your new toy is a flamethrower, and you know you have to show that off ... no matter how fearsome it is:

We're happy that Kipnis is having so much fun, but we can't help feeling somewhat uneasy about his goal to "light 2019 on fire." What exactly is he planning on doing with that flamethrower? We don't know. And we're a little scared.
At least now we can be sure that if Kipnis wants to pursue a post-playing career at Globex Corporation, he'll have the kind of experience that Hank Scorpio would love.