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You could watch this replay of Javier Baez's impossibly smooth slide for an hour and not get bored

Cubs infielder Javier Báez plays the game of baseball in a manner that can make you question your own life. "Why can't I be as cool as Javy," you might ask yourself -- as I do, frequently, watching him bust out no-look swipe-tags or being a magician on the basepaths.

His latest "wow, that's just unfair" moment came in the first inning of Chicago's game with the Marlins on Thursday afternoon. Advancing to third base, Baez executed the type of slide that looks like it's fake. This does not look real, and yet it is so very, unfairly real:

Smooth is right. All that image needs is an animated pair of sunglasses falling down onto Javy's head to make it an ultimate baseball meme.

Having never actually played baseball at a competitive level, I find this breathtaking. Sliding into the dirt on the infield has always seemed, to me, to be probably pretty painful. If I ever tried, I'm sure I'd slide/fall into the grass on accident.

I've watched the replay about 45 times over the past few minutes, and I'm entranced. It's pure magic, but to Baez, it's just another day at the office.

Must be nice.