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Javy Baez narrowly beat out an infield single and playfully taunted Francisco Lindor afterward

The Cubs faced the Indians on Wednesday night in a rematch of the 2016 World Series. It was also, maybe more importantly, a mini-reunion for good friends Javier Báez and Francisco Lindor. The two infielders were teammates for Team Puerto Rico in the 2017 World Baseball Classic.
So, when Baez narrowly beat out a seventh-inning grounder despite Lindor's diving stop and strong throw ...

... you knew there was a good chance that the fun-loving Baez was going to tease his pal a little bit:

It was an accomplishment by Lindor to keep the ball in the infield, so Baez felt lucky. "I was surprised, because when I saw the ball off the bat, I thought it was for sure a base hit," he said to's Anthony Castrovince. "When he got it, I was just trying to beat him to the line."
Baez's gesture was all in good fun. "It showed the way we play the game, with a lot of excitement," he said. "It was a great play… but I beat him. And I let him know. If he would have made that play, I would have said something to him."
Lindor took the jab in stride:

"I loved it," said Lindor to's Jordan Bastian. "I would've done the same. I wanted him to be out so I could fist-pump at him. But, he beat it. Baez one, me zero."
Baez might have won the head-to-head on this play, but Lindor got the last laugh: His go-ahead solo homer and two runs scored helped lead the Indians to a 4-1 victory.