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Javy Báez's juke moves should make him the top pick in the NFL Draft

Imagine you're running an NFL team. I know, I know -- you'd rather run a baseball club -- but hear me out. If you had the pick of anyone in the world, you'd want Javier Báez.

One of the first players you're going to target is a true athlete. Someone who can do just about anything on the field. He's going to need speed.


He's going to need to know how to do whatever it takes to catch the ball.


He's also going to need to know how to avoid the multitude of moving bodies heading toward him as he charges toward the end zone. Those linebackers are huge, but they can move, too.

On Tuesday night against the Dodgers, Báez proved that he can do that as well. In the bottom of the second, he hit a slow dribbler up the first-base line that looked sure to be an easy in the hands of David Freese.

Not with Báez running his way:

Somehow, some way, Báez both avoided Freese's tag and stayed in the base line. Chicago probably hasn't seen moves quite like that since Walter Payton was running the show for the Bears offense en route to Super Bowl XX.

Of course, Báez has one other important quality in an NFL star: style.

There's some serious potential there!

Luckily, this is all hypothetical and there's nothing to worry about.

Báez is committed to another sport. He's all ours.