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Jayson Werth kidnapped a Bruce Bochy gnome and held it in the dugout

On Sunday, the Giants, with the help of their #PitchersWhoPlayOffense, defeated the Nationals, 3-1. That was great. That was fun for San Francisco fans. 
Jayson Werth got them back.
See, Sunday was also Bruce Bochy Gnome Day at AT&T Park:

And when a few of the figurines were placed near the Nats' dugout, Werth captured one and taped it up so it couldn't talk or move (GUYS, IT HAPPENS). Fans wrote out a "Wanted" poster, but we're not sure if Werth responded.

The Giants may have won the game/war, but Jayson Werth has a Bruce Bochy gnome. He, more than most, knows how important those can be down the stretch. 
UPDATE: The fan has the gnome and is keeping it in a safe place: