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Jeff Banister showed no fear making a stellar grab on a Ronald Guzman hard foul into the dugout

One of the best defensive plays of Monday night came from the Rangers. Well, the Rangers' dugout.
In the bottom of the fourth inning on an 0-2 pitch during the Rangers' 5-3 win over the D-backs, Ronald Guzmán smacked a foul toward the first-base dugout. It looked like it might hit one of the players hanging out on the dugout rail, but Rangers manager Jeff Banister stuck his hand out to save the day and make the play with ease:

Plus, he didn't skip a beat and threw it to the fans behind him.
Mind you, this was a few innings after he avoided a foul ball from Eduardo Escobar:

"It was just inside my reach," Banister told "The first one I was not going to be able to catch. That was coming pretty hard. That would have hurt for a long time."
The man is fearless. He was in the path of a smoked ball and still stood atop the steps to make a snag later in the game. 
We see you, Banny Rooster.