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There was an entire Jeopardy! category dedicated to 'hard-throwing pitchers'

One of the six categories during Wednesday's Double Jeopardy round was all about "hard-throwing pitchers," past and present. And because everyone knows that when you become a Jeopardy! clue, you've really made it, the subject of one of the clues was quite proud of his newfound symbol of fame. 

But before we get to that, try your buzzer-hand at these clues, courtesy the J! Archive:

Thankfully, the contestants did a better job on the category than this sabermetrics clue from December and got 'em all. And yes, the correct response to the $1,200 clue seemed thrilled to be enshrined forever as a piece of gameshow trivia:

Rightfully so, Justin. Rightfully so. Although, for Alex Trebek, it was just one of thousands of clues:


Stone-faced as always, Trebek.