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Mallex Smith got Jerry Dipoto to cook a steak dinner for him and a bunch of friends

We all know that players spend a significant amount of time in the offseason training and preparing for the upcoming season. Essential to any player's training plan, of course, is proper nutrition to make sure to ensure that their bodies have the fuel to benefit from all that hard work. 
This principle certainly isn't lost on newly-minted Mariner Mallex Smith and his general manager, Jerry Dipoto. So, when Smith called Dipoto up earlier this offseason and learned that, between all his wheeling and dealing, Trader Jerry has time to cook up steaks, he made an obvious request: Make a steak dinner for me and 23 of my closest friends.
Of course, Dipoto is never one to turn down an appealing deal, so Smith got not only that steak dinner but sides of asparagus and mashed potatoes as well. Our mouths are watering from hearing Dipoto describe it in the video atop this post.
For a player who once did pushups in the dugout to improve his power mid-game, a hearty steak dinner seems like an obvious -- and delicious -- choice.

With word of Dipoto's aptitude in the kitchen now out, it may be only a matter of time before the rest of the roster makes reservations at Jerry's restaurant.