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Jesse Winker was wearing Carlos Gonzalez's batting gloves when he hit his first career grand slam

Jesse Winker's first career grand slam took place on Thursday night. In his fourth homer of the season, he helped lift the Reds over the Cubs, 6-2. Winker's slam was off of lefty Randy Rosario, and despite struggling with lefties in the past, he didn't seem to show any signs of trouble at the plate. Perhaps he's finding his confidence against southpaws -- or perhaps it was because he was wearing a pair of Carlos González's batting gloves. 
That's right -- Winker was wearing a pair of the two-time Silver Slugger's white gloves, complete with "CARGO" engraved across the strap:

"[Jesse's] always given me compliments on my cleats and my gloves," Gonzalez told's Thomas Harding.
"That's my man CarGo," Winker said, according to's Brian Scott Rippee. "I said it earlier, but in such a short time I have gotten to meet some really good guys in baseball and he is one of them. When we played Colorado he gave me some batting gloves. I am hoping he sends me some more because it is the last pair I am down to. White uniforms, white batting gloves so hopefully he can send me some more white and gray ones."
"He works really hard and he's one of those kids that asks me a lot of questions and he loves the game," Gonzalez explained. And despite CarGo saying he was mad Winker hit a walk-off home run against the Rockies in the 13th inning on June 7, he made sure the ball found its way back to Jesse after it bounced off the floor behind the right-field wall.

"It bounced back," Gonzalez said. "I had it in my hand when I got into the clubhouse. I just asked one of the clubbies. I said 'Hey, make sure he gets this ball, because I know it means more than just me throwing it somewhere else.'"
CarGo explained he was happy for Winker and he thought of him saying he's been "one of the kids he's been helping over the years."
Winker sent him a thank-you text later after receiving the ball.
Gonzalez's response?
"I said something bad," he laughed.