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Jesus Aguilar thought he got robbed of a homer and his reaction was priceless

It's hard to hit a Major League home run. You have to crush a tiny, white, twisting, spinning, knuckling baseball in the 300-450 foot range. Some players go their entire careers without hitting one.
Brewers first baseman Jesús Aguilar only had two in four seasons entering Monday's game against the Padres, so when he thought he had gotten enough of one in the sixth inning, only to see it robbed by Manuel Margot, he was distraught.

And then, he realized the ball just missed Margot's glove. The home run trot was BACK. ON.

A true emotional roller coaster for Aguilar and we're glad it had a happy ending. We're also glad we have that first disappointed GIF to watch Jesus react to other moments.
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