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Jim Abbott is a big fan of football standout and fellow one-handed athlete Shaquem Griffin

One of the most inspirational sports stories around right now is that of Shaquem Griffin, the linebacker for the University of Central Florida who's excelled on the football field in a way few others have: He only has the use of his right hand, due to amniotic band syndrome that stunted the development of his left hand at birth. 
You may have seen this, from the NFL Scouting Combine last week:

With Griffin attracting serious attention from prospective NFL teams eyeing his talents ahead of the draft, he's caught the attention of none other than Jim Abbott, who pitched for 10 seasons (and threw a no-hitter) despite being born without a right hand.
TMZ Sports caught up with Abbott and he raved about Griffin, whom he calls an inspiration to disabled athletes all over the world: 

Major kudos to both of these athletes.