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Jim Carrey was a big fan of the Brewers' bullpen cart-aided recreation of 'Dumb and Dumber'

The bullpen cart is back, baby. The D-backs first brought it back. The Tigers added one, complete with flames on the front like a classic hot rod. And the Brewers are hosting a giveaway for replicas of their old school cart on June 17, so they decided to tell the world in the best way possible: With a "Dumb and Dumber" parody. 
Check it out below: 

Compare it to the original clip -- you'll be shocked at how well Brent Suter does at picking up on Jim Carrey's mannerisms: 

Suter just may have a career in Hollywood lined up if he gets tired of this whole baseball thing. Carrey agrees: 

Judging by Suter's reaction after smashing his first big league home run, should any of us have been surprised?