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New Hall of Famer Jim Thome and other Phillies icons wished the Eagles luck in the Super Bowl

Before Super Bowl LII, the Phillies called upon some famous alumni to wish their next-door neighbor Eagles luck on Sunday -- a group that included new Hall of Famer Jim Thome:

Cooperstown's newest 600 Home Run Club member wasn't alone, either. Perhaps hoping to inspire the Eagles to the crown, the Phillies called upon Jimmy Rollins, Mike Schmidt and Larry Bowa, too. All three players won World Series titles in Philadelphia.
Rollins is just one of several 2008 champions who have voiced their support for the Eagles. Chase Utley, Ryan Howard and Cole Hamels are all right there with him. Shane Victorino, though? Well, because he also won a World Series in 2013 with the Red Sox, he has to play it neutral for his New England fans:

Victorino might be on the fence, but the rest of Philadelphia's most famous baseball players are all pulling for the Eagles. That includes the current team, too.