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Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig had very different methods of dealing with stray outfield beach balls

There are certain inevitabilities about this thing we call life. Family, having a job, paying bills, eating food -- they're all a given.
So, too, is the prevalence of beach balls at baseball games in Southern California. It's nearly impossible to attend a game in SoCal without finding yourself unwittingly smacked by a floating beach ball in the stands. Naturally, sometimes these warm weather toys find themselves rolling out onto the field after somebody fails to keep the ball in the stands (and, thus, earns himself or herself a chorus of boos from the surrounding patrons). 
But what should a player do when the game is temporarily paused due to a beach ball bounding on down to the warning track area? On Wednesday, the Dodgers' game with the Angels in Anaheim (a 3-2 win for the home team) presented this very situation to two of the Dodgers' outfielders, and they had drastically different reactions. Center fielder Joc Pederson, a multi-sport star in high school, showed some vertical leaping skills and spiked the sphere like a volleyball back into the stands above the tall scoreboard in right-center field:

Pederson's neighbor in right field, Yasiel Puig, though, had other plans. His were much more simple and required less physicality (but provided more finality): 

As we've seen before, Pederson and Puig can tend to be the yin to each other's yang in the outfield, so this is hardly new. But it begs the question: Had you been out there in the outfield and this happened to you, whose method of handling would you adopt?
Weigh in below.