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Joe Maddon announces Cubs' new dress code policy: 'look hot'

According to Joe Maddon, the 2016 Cubs have a simple dress code policy:

"If you think you look hot, you wear it."

It's part of Maddon's mission to have a looser clubhouse and largely a rejection of the notion that players have to wear a "$5,000 suit on the airplane ride." But here's a question: Is there ever a time when the Cubs don't look hot?

Think about it: Kris Bryant's cheekbones are among the sharpest in baseball. Jake Arrieta's beard/mustache combo is cause for celebration. Addison Russell literally inspires haircut homages to his likeness. Jason Heyward has never not looked like the coolest doing anything. And even Maddon himself pulls off the late-period Morrissey look very well.

So, in a way, Maddon's "look hot" dress code could be open to endless interpretation, because no matter what the Cubs wear, they'll look hot. Dexter Fowler could wear a $5,000 suit on the plane if he wanted to (but then he'd be the guy in the $5,000 suit), or Bryant could show up to the game like this:


Either way, as long as they're feeling their look -- and as long as this policy extends to Cubs fans, too.