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Joe Maddon is preparing for the 2019 season by reading a 'Managing Millennials for Dummies' book

You know all about Joe Maddon by now -- the Cubs manager, who helped guide the team to its first World Series title since 1908 a couple seasons ago, is quirky. Who else would cite Michael Scott from "The Office" as an influence?

Also quirky? Millennials. That's what anybody outside that age range (roughly 22-37, depending on your source) likes to suggest about them, at least. 
Managing a baseball team means dealing with a number of different personalities and age ranges ... and yes, a good number of them on any given team would be considered millennials.
With that in mind, and with Maddon looking to reach his Cubs players once again in 2019 and help them get back to the postseason, here's what he said at the Winter Meetings on Tuesday: 

He also wore this jacket. 

You do you, Joe.