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From Fetty Wap to Parliament, watch the Twins preview (and dance to) their 2016 walk-up songs

There's a lot of work to be done to get ready for the upcoming season: getting into peak physical shape, ironing out technical kinks, making any and all necessary wardrobe adjustments. But above all, no self-respecting big leaguer leaves spring camp without nailing down the most important part of his success: the walk-up song. 
The Twins understand this all too well. They've run the numbers and consulted the experts. And now, finally, they've emerged with their choices for 2016 -- and decided to share this privileged information with you in the video above. Highlights include:
- Joe Mauer deadpanning his song selection, which hasn't changed since 2006: T.I.'s "What You Know." 
- Coach/secret lounge singer Tony Oliva serenading us with a few bars.
- Byron Buxton hitting the wayback machine with some Parliament:

  • Kurt Suzuki's painful deliberations between Bob Marley and Jake Bugg.
    - And, last but certainly not least, Brian Dozier getting down to his own Fetty Wap impersation: