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Joe Namath visited Wrigley Field for the first time and threw a pitch to Joe Maddon

In 1961, the Cubs offered 18-year-old Joe Namath $50,000 to sign a baseball contract. But Namath's mother wanted him to go to college instead. Before Wednedsday's thrilling 7-5 win over the Phillies, Namath got his first look at Wrigley Field, which could've been his home field if he'd chosen baseball over school.
Namath was accompanying a group that had won a trip to see a Cubs game. He and Maddon have gotten to know each other and helped each other's charitable events, and the manager caught Namath's ceremonial first pitch.

"He obviously went another direction [than baseball]," Maddon said of the Hall of Fame quarterback. "He'd never stepped foot in Wrigley Field until today."
In the clip atop this post, watch Namath's first pitch and his visit to the Chicago broadcast booth, where he also discussed the Cubs' offer from back in the day. 
Considering all that Namath accomplished in his career, which resulted in a 1985 election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it's pretty wild that he hadn't made it out to Wrigley until Wednesday (especially considering the baseball background mentioned above). 
As for his relationship with Maddon, Namath visited a Rays Spring Training game when Maddon was managing the club and the two became fast friends.