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Joe Panik's splash landing was his third dinger of the season and also the Giants' third run of 2018

The Giants entered their Tuesday home opener against the Mariners with two wins. Both of those wins were 1-0 affairs in which second baseman Joe Panik provided the deciding run with two dingers. Even crazier, those two runs were the Giants' only two of the season.
In the fourth inning of the 6-4 loss, Panik knocked in his team's third run of the young season with perhaps his most impressive home run yet -- a splash landing into the bay:

The Giants' first three runs of 2018 were all generated by Panik's solo home runs. According to Elias, the Giants are the first team in history to score their first three runs on solo home runs from a single player.
With three home runs in the first five games of the 2018 season, Panik seems likely to surpass his career best of 10 home runs in a season. Moreover, this dinger brought more dingers as Evan Longoria followed up with one of his own in the seventh inning.