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Joe Panik's throw was so good, the umpires -- and everyone else -- needed a second look

The Giants walked off in the bottom of the 13th inning against the Rockies on Saturday thanks to a Matt Duffy double. Half an inning earlier, though, the Rockies were threatening -- Nolan Arenado was on first with two outs, and Gerardo Parra knocked a grounder up the middle that put Joe Panik flat on his stomach.
And then Panik made this toss to second:

That's a throw so good it looked like it couldn't possibly be real. Arenado was originally called safe, but the play went to review and was overturned -- inning over, commence the walking-off
Although, what probably happened was second base umpire Jim Reynolds saw the throw and decided he absolutely needed to see it again, right away. So, he ruled Arenado safe just so he could have an excuse to watch the play a couple (dozen) more times. And who can blame him?