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Thanks to his giant hands, Joel Embiid walked away with two Home Run Derby souvenirs

Sixers star Joel Embiid was at the T-Mobile Home Run Derby on Monday night in Miami, and since he chose to stand at the Clevelander over the left-field field wall, he was sitting in the perfect position to catch some dingers.
The Twins' Miguel Sano was kind enough to oblige:

Of course, since Embiid is a superhuman-looking basketball player, baseballs do not look normal at all in his hands:

When you have hands like Embiid, baseballs essentially turn into golf balls. He even got to take home a second souvenir:

But what about Sixers fans who might be concerned about Embiid hurting his hands while going for these catches?

As always: #TrustTheProcess.
Embiid watched a thrilling 47-homer performance by Aaron Judge, who won both the Home Run Derby crown and Embiid's admiration.