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Former Washington football player and, oh yeah, TV star Joel McHale threw out the Mariners' first pitch

You probably know Joel McHale and his chiseled features from TV shows like "The Soup," "Community," and "The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale." What you probably didn't realize was that his Washington state sports roots are crazy deep, including two seasons as a walk-on tight end with the Washington Huskies. Though he never made it into a game, he did get absolutely drilled in practice, which is good enough for me. 

So, before the Mariners faced the Blue Jays on Sunday, the comic came out to throw the first pitch. Befitting his athletic chops, McHale not only threw from the mound and used a leg kick, but it appears he threw a strike, too: 


One little wrinkle to the whole thing: The catcher was McHale's college teammate and current Mariners strength and conditioning coach James Clifford.