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Joey Chestnut weighed in on if a hot dog is a sandwich and then LOST an eating contest

MIAMI -- It's a question as old as time: Is a hot dog a sandwich?
For years, we've questioned MLBers about the ballpark fare. Celebrities have weighed in. Merriam-Webster has offered its opinion. But finally, during the MLB All-Star Game's Fanfest in Miami on Saturday, we were able to ask a man who has scarfed down more frankfurters than perhaps anybody alive: 10-time Nathan's Famous Hot Dog eating champion Joey "Jaws" Chestnut.

Fresh off his most recent victory on July 4 at Coney Island in which he ate a record 72 dogs in 10 minutes, Chestnut gave us his definitive answer on the hot dog-sandwich debate. Spoiler alert: He does not think it is one. The 33-year-old also thinks he can come back and win his 11th Nathan's title next year -- moving up in the pantheon of individual sports titles. Check it all out in the main clip above.
Nathan's Famous held an exhibition later in the day, and somehow (perhaps because he'd already eaten 72 hot dogs just days beforehand), Chestnut lost -- devouring 14. Carmen Cincotti (24) and Matt "Megatoad" Stonie (21) finished ahead of him. Miki Sudo won the women's heat with 13. Badlands Booker only ate 11, but grabbed the mic and rapped seconds after swallowing his last dog. The group also set a new record for most quarter pound hot dogs eaten in five minutes with 104 total. Relive some of the madness in the clip below: