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The Iowa baseball team held a midgame, dugout hot dog eating contest

(Clair, Michael)

When there's a midgame interview, it's time for the bench to shine. Hurling seeds at the interviewee? Passe. Towel ninjas? Overdone. A hot dog eating contest? Now, that's a new one. 
While Iowa baseball head coach Rick Heller was being interviewed during Saturday's 9-3 loss to the Minnesota Gophers, catcher Zach Fricke and pinch-hitter Austin Guzzo held the king of American eating sports in the middle of America's pastime: That's right, it was a dugout hot dog eating contest. 

Shockingly, Guzzo managed to choke down five hot dogs in the short time. Given that both Fricke and Guzzo appeared in the game, either a) they weren't really eating hot dogs or b) they were seriously risking some gastronomical distress in the field. At least we know one Major Leaguer who would have approved: Gates Brown, who once went to bat with hot dogs hidden under his shirt