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MLB fans celebrated National Pretzel Day with plenty of enthusiasm

If there's one thing that's true in life, it's that ballpark food is delicious. Peanuts, hot dogs, Cracker Jack -- it's all wonderful. But yesterday was the day to celebrate an underappreciated ballpark food -- the pretzel. Just look at this tasty culinary marvel:

Fans across the nation celebrated with gusto:

And now, we present to you some of MLB's greatest pretzel concoctions:
108 Burger (Mets)

The 108 Burger, which you can get at Keith's Grill, is a six-ounce patty topped with pastrami, cheese and New York deli mustard, all on a pretzel bun.
The Walk Off (Orioles)

Since the Walk Off hot dog is in Maryland, you won't be surprised that it's covered in Old Bay crab dip, wrapped in a pretzel roll.
Cuban Pretzel Dog (Pirates)

Pretzels, it turns out, are popular when it comes to hot dog buns. The Pirates' version is a twist on the Cuban sandwich, complete with smoked pork, diced ham and pickles.
Pretzel Pastrami Sandwich (Rockies)

You've seen pretzel buns, but are you ready for a pretzel roll? Try the Rockies' Pretzel Pastrami Sandwich.
The Beltre Buster (Rangers)

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This burger is huge! #beltrebuster @michaelbillington

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Human language is not really sufficient when it comes to describing the Beltre Buster Burger, but we'll have to work with what we've got. It's a one-pound patty smothered in onions, cheese, red-pepper mayo, and oh -- half a pound of bacon. That bun? A giant pretzel, natch. 
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