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Let's take a moment to celebrate last season's most outrageous cheese concoctions

There are but a few iron-clad truisms in this life. First: No matter where it's located, every structure will eventually be struck by a Giancarlo Stanton dinger. Second: You will never see Iggy Iguana coming. And, of course, the grand unifying theory of the universe: Literally everything is better if you put a bunch of cheese on it.
But, while every day is really a celebration of mankind's most delicious foodstuff, it still deserves to be made official: Happy National Cheese Lovers Day! Yes, this is a totally real thing -- and, to help you celebrate, we've put together some of baseball's most deliciously outrageous cheese creations from the 2016 season.
The Grilled Cheese Bacon Cheese Burger, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
Why simply have a burger when you can have it topped with cheese ... then nestled between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Oh, and there's bacon, because of course:

The Pit-Smoked Grilled Cheese, Arizona D-backs
We're not sure if you can find the layers of BBQ brisket buried beneath all that Arizona cheddar cheese, but trust us, it's there:

The Skyline Cheese Coney, Cincinnati Reds
Sure, teams are expanding the horizons of ballpark food every year, but sometimes you just can't beat a classic. Case in point: The Skyline Cheese Coney, a hot dog buried in famous Skyline chili -- and a veritable mound of cheese:

The Mac and Cheese BBQ Sandwich, Frisco Roughriders
Some sandwiches are mere fans of cheese -- a slice on top here, a sprinkling there. Frisco's mammoth sandwich, however, doesn't just like cheese, it is cheese. Brisket, coleslaw and barbecue sauce all sit inside of two buns ... made out of mac and cheese:

The Cheesy Pig Dog, Winston-Salem Dash
The Cheesy Pig Dog is as delicious as it is self-explanatory. There's the hot dog, there's the pig -- specifically, some pulled pork -- and then there's the cheese: both a foundation of mac and cheese and a handful of shredded cheese on top:

The Deep Dish Hot Dog Pizza, Chicago Cubs
Ah, the Chicago hot dog and the deep dish pizza: two iconic Windy City delicacies. But only the Cubs were bold enough to combine them, creating the Deep Dish Hot Dog Pizza, which is exactly what it sounds like -- a deep dish pizza with hot dogs baked inside, complete with all the traditional Chicago dog toppings:

The Burgerizza, Atlanta Braves
There are plenty of burgers. There are plenty of pizzas. But there is only one Burgerizza: a 20 oz. (!) burger topped with five (!!) slices of cheddar between two 8-inch pepperoni pizzas (!!!). What more needs to be said?