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Pirates coach Joey Cora got drilled by a foul ball, but he shook it off with a flex

The job of a third-base coach can sometimes get pretty scary. Sure, there are the tough decisions you have to make about whether or not to send a runner into a close play at the plate, but the line drives that head your way can be tough to avoid, too.
Pirates third-base coach Joey Cora went through this experience in the Bucs' 5-4 win over the Cubs on Tuesday. During an at-bat, José Osuna ripped a screamer right at Cora that hit his left arm. He shook it off, but it still hurt:

We'd be saying a lot more than "Ouch." Maybe even a scream.
Cora, however, is a baseball lifer who was plunked 44 times during 11 Major League seasons. He's a tough guy, and he proved it with a flex and a smile toward Osuna:

That's a GIF worth a muscle emoji or two.