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Joey Gallo spotted a broom the same color as Delino DeShields' new blue hair

As teams convene in Florida and Arizona for Spring Training, many players are reconnecting with friends they may not have seen all offseason. Like the first day of school, players are coming back with new clothes and new haircuts. Some of those changes are for the better while others might be for the worse.
Rangers outfielder Delino DeShields showed up with a fresh blue haircut. Presumably, DeShields was trying to show some team spirit with his color. But his teammate, Joey Gallo, immediately made his thoughts on the new color known:

It's pretty crazy that this particular restaurant had a blue-colored duster prominently on display for the comparison. Hopefully, Gallo's good-natured ribbing doesn't cause DeShields to change his hair. It can get awful dusty in that dry Arizona air.