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Joey Votto dressed like a donkey to help get Zack Cozart to the All-Star Game

We already know about the deal Zack Cozart has with his teammate Joey Votto: If he makes the All-Star team, Votto will buy him a donkey. It seems that Votto really wants to buy Cozart that donkey.
On Wednesday's edition of Intentional Talk, Votto donned a full donkey suit in the hopes of garnering some votes for Cozart.

Speaking to's Mark Sheldon, Cozart said that he was asked to wear the costume but declined. "Someone wanted me to wear it," Cozart said. "I was like 'eh, not gonna do it.'" Although he wasn't willing to wear the suit himself, the shortstop expressed an appreciation for what the donkey bet has done for his popularity. "Who would have thought this donkey thing would have taken off like it has? It's been crazy."
In retrospect, it seems to Cozart that maybe a donkey isn't the ideal prize for an All-Star selection. Given his love of Lamborghinis, he speculated that he might ask for something closer to his heart. "Next time," Cozart said, "any kind of thing like that, I will start a little higher. I never thought of that. Maybe a donkey is my Lamborghini."
As for Votto, he's clearly embraced his side of the deal. "I've got a donkey in the works," he declared. "I'm anticipating a piece of news on Sunday that we'll get Zack in the All-Star Game. But the donkey has already been spoken for."
Cozart's wife, Chelsea, is also making this a family affair in hopes of bringing Zack to Miami this year.

Though a costumed Votto will not be the donkey Cozart receives if he makes the All-Star team, perhaps interacting with a fake donkey provided Cozart with the practice he will need should he come into true donkey ownership.