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Joey Votto got fooled on a Hyun-Jin Ryu curveball and then did something so weird

During the Dodgers' 10-2 win over the Reds on Saturday, Joey Votto was typical Joey Votto -- tallying three hits in five at-bats. He now has a .415 OBP and 1.014 OPS this season.
But the best Joey Votto highlight of the day may have happened in the first inning when he was fooled on a nasty Hyun-Jin Ryu curveball that rolled in for a strike. He bailed out of the way and then, inexplicably, did this.

Was he trying to pretend he wasn't fooled? Did he love the pitch so much that he wanted to watch it all the way into Yasmani Grandal's glove? Is Joey Votto just being his weird, lovable self?

Yes, probably.