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No, Joey Votto will never stop trolling opposing fans by denying them souvenirs

Joey Votto has spent a lifetime dedicated to perfecting his craft. He's refined his technique, learning from the very best. He's practiced, and practiced, and practiced some more. He's put in countless hours, all in service of becoming the absolute best in his chosen field: Ruthlessly trolling any and all opposing fans.
And, in 2016, it's all come together. He hit the big-time back in May, when he convinced Phillies fans that a souvenir was forthcoming ... and then immediately administering the sickest burn in human history.

Friday's 3-2 loss to the Nationals, however, was his masterstroke. In a matter of minutes, he 1) seemed to consider tossing a foul ball into the stands before promptly dropping it on the ground and 2) caught a foul popup and proceeded to simply stare at the Washington fans in front of him:

Attention, fans of all future Reds opponents: If you see Joey Votto near you with a baseball, don't give in. It will only end in heartbreak.