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Joey Votto tricked fans into thinking they were getting a souvenir baseball

We've all gotten gifts for our friends and then thought, "But this is so good, maybe I should just keep it for myself." As we learned during Sunday's Reds-Phillies game, Major League players have the same impulses. Maybe the foul ball Joey Votto picked up wasn't exactly a present and maybe the fans he was going to give it to weren't exactly his friends, but otherwise, this is pretty much the same:

Listen, Phillies fans, if you wanted a present, maybe you should have gotten him one first. Maybe bring a nice bouquet with you next time. Or at least offer to trade him your shoes. 
But don't worry -- Votto doesn't have any hard feelings. He explained after the game:
"You know, they give you a hard time during the game, and it's my way of giving them a hard time back. Really, it's just me playing around."