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Forget autographs, this young Pirates fan gave Andrew McCutchen a pregame bouquet

Imagine you're at a big league ballpark, getting set to watch your favorite team in action. You get there early, and manage to work your way to the front row -- until suddenly, you're staring face-to-face with Andrew McCutchen. What do you do? Ask him to sign a baseball? Take a picture? Ask him if he's got any batting gloves lying around?
All good options. One young Pirates fan at Wednesday's game against the Cardinals, however, was thinking much bigger than that. Sure, she could get herself a Cutch memento to take home, but she wanted to make sure he knew just how awesome he was. You only get one chance to meet the face of the franchise, after all --  so, naturally, she gave him some yellow flowers:

First baseman John Jaso was the one who let McCutchen know he had a surprise waiting for him. He had no idea who the family was or where they came from, but they definitely left a lasting impression. "That's never happened in my career of baseball," he told's Adam Berry after the game. "I've never had flowers given to me."
The girl's name is Elizabeth, and she can confirm that yes, meeting Andrew McCutchen is exactly as cool as you'd expect:

A little while later, Cutch responded by hitting a single in front of his No. 1 fan, because he is nothing if not a man of the people.