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Andrew McCutchen released his second critically-acclaimed short film about waiters

(Clair, Michael)

Filmmakers are often known for their obsession with a visual style or emotional theme. For example, Wes Anderson films are known for their bright colors and quirky characters, while David Fincher's are known for his unique lighting.
Andrew McCutchen's common theme is … waiters. There's a lot to unpack there. After first taking issue with how waiters refill your water, the Pirates' center fielder now takes on those hovering waiters who seem to think good service means never leaving your side. 
Though he's already titled it, I'm calling it, "Dear Catastrophe Waiter." 

Be sure to wait until the end of the 10-second clip as McCutchen tosses in a callback to his original hit. 
What will he cover to finish his acclaimed waiter trilogy? Perhaps the politics of tipping or how to ask for your bread basket to be refilled? We can only wait and wonder.