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Joey Votto had 51 pizzas delivered to Ichiro because Joey Votto knows pizza is the best

If there's one thing baseball players like more than baseball, it's food! (Probably. Actually, that might just be us).
Anyway, for some reason, maybe because of a special deal at the Canada-owned Tim Horton's -- as Marlins announcers pointed out -- an anonymous Marlins player gifted donuts to Canadian Joey Votto when the team arrived for a series in Cincinnati on Monday. Judging by this mysterious interaction during Wednesday's game, our guess is it was Ichiro:

Votto, a very generous man in his own right, returned the favor by having 51 pizzas delivered to the Marlins clubhouse and stacked in front of Ichiro's locker on Thursday. A solid pregame snack before the Reds' eventual 5-4 win. Check out the entire, heartwarming story in the main video above.
Pizza, donuts and baseball -- what else really matters in life?