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John Gibbons' Mom threw out the first pitch and she signed the ball afterward

Moms: They brought you into this world and they can take you out. So, if you're a big league manager and your mother asks to throw out the first pitch, you better believe the answer is "Yes." Blue Jays manager John Gibbons knows that firsthand. Before Friday's game against the Yankees, his 80-year-old mother, Sallie, got to throw out the first pitch to her son, who had a broad smile upon his face. 
Of course, just like when your mother had to beg you to clean out your room, there was some nudging involved. Hazel Mae reported that after bugging her son for years, she finally made the ultimatum before her birthday last month. "Come on, I'm not getting any younger," she said, which seemed to do the trick.  
After Sallie made the toss, she signed a ball. Because when your mom becomes a star, you need a memento. 

"I think it's going to be kind of cool for her. It's cool for us," Gibbons said before she made the toss, though he cautioned, "It's not like I couldn't sleep last night."
Gibbons couldn't help but be proud after the game. "It made my night, that's for sure," John Gibbons told's Gregor Chisholm. "Good thing we got the win, now she'll think she's responsible ... It's something she will always remember. I know that."