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Yankees broadcaster John Sterling returned to announce Sunday night's epic Kitten Bowl IV

If you weren't aware, Sunday night featured the biggest sporting event of the winter: The Kitten Bowl.
As Sterling said in the intro to the show, "Kitten Bowl Sunday is truly the greatest day of the year." Even better, he told MLB Network on Monday, "unlike the Super Bowl, after it's over, all the kittens get adopted." Bet you can't say that about Tom Brady. 
If you hadn't been following the whole season leading up to Sunday's final game, Sterling and his broadcast partner Mary Carillo made sure to catch everyone up: 

As for the players with the best names, those obviously belong to Paw-dell Beckham Jr. and Tom Bratty Cat. 
Watch the video above for Sterling's thoughts on the Kitten Bowl, and then click here to watch the amazing 4th quarter "hail hairy" touchdown pass.