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We didn't have to wait long to hear John Sterling's home run call for Giancarlo Stanton

When word got out that the Yankees had acquired Giancarlo Stanton in December, the first question on everyone's mind -- well, the first question after "wait, seriously?" and "so will they hit more or fewer than 9,000 home runs?" -- was this: What will John Sterling's home run call be? 
Speculation ran rampant. We thought we had a break in the case when Sterling dubbed a Stanton homer in Spring Training a "Stantonian blast," but he explained that it was only a tune-up -- the real call wouldn't debut until the regular season, and the only hint we would get was that it was a phrase in Italian.
Luckily, Stanton didn't make us wait long: In his very first at-bat with the Yankees, he took J.A. Happ deep:

It's a little tough to make out, but it appears that the phrase was "non può essere fermato" -- or "you can't be stopped." Which, hey, Sterling's not wrong. 
Stanton also blessed us with a second home run of the night against Tyler Clippard. He was then greeted with the silent treatment:

Welcome to the Yankees.