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Johnny Cueto gets at-bat in a DH game, singles to right, almost gets thrown out at first

Johnny Cueto is known for a great many things -- on-mound shimmying, awesome postseason performances, inspiring adorable babies everywhere to start wearing dreadlocks. One thing he is decidedly not known for: hitting. 
Sure, he's spent almost all of his career in the National League, but he's also the owner of a lifetime .107 average. And with Friday's Giants-Royals game featuring the DH, you might expect Cueto to get a break from the bat -- that is, if you've underestimated the awesomeness of Johnny Cueto. Because not only did he get that at-bat, but he delivered with a line drive single to ri-- WAIT JOHNNY RUN:

Cueto may have gotten an at-bat to get his swing prepared for the regular season, but we like to think Bruce Bochy simply knew better. Maybe one of his clones is a much better hitter than we realize.