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Jon Hamm trolled Cubs fans with a throwback Cardinals cap at Game 3 of the World Series

Jon Hamm is a bonafide Cardinals superfan -- even getting his own bobblehead for his efforts. So with Wrigley Field hosting its first World Series game in 71 years during the Cubs' 1-0 loss to the Indians on Friday night, the actor made sure he was there. 
But he didn't show up as a neutral fan, with some promotional swag atop his head. Oh no, he went in a Cardinals hat:

But this wasn't just any Cardinals hat. This was the cap they wore from 1900-19 ... meaning it was the one they wore in 1908. While that's the last year the Cubs won a title, St. Louis has won all 11 of its World Series titles in the years following. Excellent trolling, indeed, Mr. Hamm. 
While Hamm may have been the only celebrity Cardinals fan in attendance, there was plenty of star power inside Wrigley's walls. Bill Murray sang the seventh inning stretch, rock stars Tom Morello and Billy Corgan (and, of course, Eddie Vedder) were on hand to cheer for their Cubbies and a whole host of other notables like Donovan McNabb, Jim Belushi, Bonnie Hunt and Jake Johnson were in attendance. With that many stars, you could be mistaken for thinking the game was being played in Los Angeles. Of course, there was an almost-full starting lineup of former Cubs repping Chicago, with players like Mark Prior, Ryne Sandberg, Kerry Wood, Derrek Lee and a velvet jacket-wearing Ryan Dempster all showing up. 
(h/t @iamjoonlee)
Will Hamm turn back up to Saturday's Game 4 to needle more Cubs fans? Tune in to FOX at 7:30 p.m. ET air time l 8 p.m. game time to find out.