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Hunter Pence changes Twitter bio to joke with Giants radio broadcaster Jon Miller over HR call

Hunter Pence has a pretty impressive résumé:
- Rookie of the Year finalist in 2007
- Three-time All-Star
- Two-time World Series champion
- Stephanie Tanner's boyfriend in "Fuller House"

Point is, the man's accomplished some things. So no one was buyin' it when Giants radio broadcaster Jon Miller called Pence's grand slam on Thursday night by referring to him as "Buster Posey's friend."

Basically, Miller started to call the slam as though Posey had hit it, but realized his mistake halfway through the call and adapated on the fly because he's a pro. Pence must have had a good laugh about it because by Friday morning his Twitter bio reflected Miller's change to his résumé:

That's right: Hunter Pence is a friend of Buster Posey's and you'd best not forget it. Also, he woke up like that, which says wonders about his commitment to the wonderful persona he's built for himself.