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Let's count just how many times Jonathan Lucroy can touch his shoulder in one at-bat

MLB players have all kinds of routines to get them ready to hit. David Ortiz gives one big clap. Mike Hargrove conducted an entire interpretive dance. Nomar Garciaparra took his batting gloves into a conga line. 
Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy, though? He touches his back shoulder. No, seriously, he touches his back shoulder a lot. Like, all the time. And to help illustrate this point, please join the D-backs broadcast during Arizona's 8-1 win in Milwaukee on Wednesday, as it introduces the Jonathan Lucroy Shoulder Touch Tracker. 

Yes, prior to the second pitch of Lucroy's at-bat in the fourth, he managed to squash the bug perched on his shoulder six separate times. But if you think that's impressive, wait one more pitch:

We know, we know, you can now never unsee this. You're welcome.