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Jose Abreu used a bizarre 'slide' to hustle into second base with a double

Every extra base counts, especially in a tight ballgame. So, when José Abreu lifted a bloop hit to center field in a 5-2 game against the Twins on Tuesday, it made sense for him to go for two with no one covering second base.
Twins pitcher Trevor Hildenberger ran to get to the bag and beat Abreu there, but the throw was low. So with Hildenberger covering the base awkwardly, Abreu decided to go for some awkwardness of his own to get his double:

Does that even count as a slide? He did go down to the ground to reach his arm toward the base after essentially tangoing behind Hildenberger. So maybe!
Either way, it worked, and Abreu got his double, though the White Sox ultimately fell, 6-4. The trick was old hat for Abreu, who used a somewhat similiar "reach" strategy to avoid a tag in Boston on Aug. 5:

Whatever works, Jose.