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Jose Abreu knocked over a camera reaching for a foul ball, so he politely picked it up

By nature, baseball occasionally ends up causing an awkward intersection between the players on the field doing their job and the photographers just outside the field trying to do theirs. That's what happened on Thursday night in Boston, when Hanley Ramirez lifted a second-inning popup into foul territory on the first-base side.
Jose Abreu tracked the ball as it approached the camera well, and he tried to reach for the catch. However, it landed just out of range, and in the attempt, Abreu knocked over one of the photographers' cameras, which had been perched on the well.
Like a good samaritan, Abreu cleaned up after himself:

Consider Abreu the winner of the prestigious (and totally not made up right now) "MLB Gentleman of the Day Award." He deserves it!