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Let's watch Jose Abreu and Alen Hanson team up for one of the weirdest putouts you'll see

It's not often that you see a "3-9" penciled in the scorebook. Sure, occasionally the Baseball Gods see fit to give us a 9-3 putout, but a ball going from the first baseman to the right fielder? How would that even happen?
Here, allow José Abreu and Alen Hanson to show you:

In the ninth inning of Monday's 7-6 win over the Blue Jays, José Bautista popped one up into foul territory in shallow right. Abreu got there in time, but as he tried to make an over-the-shoulder catch the ball popped out of his glove ... and right into the glove of the right fielder Hanson.
As Abreu told's Fabian Ardaya after the game, it was equal parts luck and preparation:  "That was something that just happened in the moment," he said. "But, that's something that happened because the effort, too. If you don't give your effort 100 percent, things like that aren't going to happen. They happen because we put the effort to be there. We were in the right spot, and he was trying to catch the ball too."
Just like they drew it up.