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Jose Altuve's 3,000th hit will definitely come during the 2028 season

This past weekend saw Albert Pujols become the 32nd player in MLB history to reach the 3,000-hit plateau. His Hall of Fame credentials were never in doubt, but reaching 3,000 hits was just another exclamation point on what has already been a truly marvelous career.
It's been a lot of fun seeing Pujols, Adrian Beltre and Ichiro eclipse 3,000 hits in recent years, and we already can't wait for the next guy to reach that special milestone. But who will it be? Miggy? Cano? Altuve? We discussed our best bets on MLB Central. 
We also discussed which players have had the best revenge games in baseball history, and enjoyed another round of MLB: The Show 18's Settle It In The Show with a preview of this week's matchup between the Twins and the Cardinals.
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